Performing a data recovery

The success of the recovery run depends largely on the prior planning. By this time, you should have the following covered

  • The data to be recovered - check if you know exactly what you need.
  • All the hardware involved, including the additional media to store the recovered data - properly attached, configured, and tested as required.
  • The software - properly installed and configured.

In most cases, modern data recovery software does not require any user intervention during the run. However, if drive starts clicking or producing other abnormal noises, consider aborting the recovery. You can then either make an image of the drive, or send it to the lab. Thus, you need somebody to monitor the process at all times. Estimation of the time it takes to complete the recovery is discussed later (refer to various aspects of data recovery).

If you want a list of software to choose from, consider visiting my comparison site, for side-by-side comparison of most well-known software.

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